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Evolved from a professional craft [MADE] + the creativity of a designer [MAD] = MADE / BY MAD

The MADE / BY MAD studio focuses on delivering quality interior spaces, where concepts are tailored like a quality suit with the detail expressed in the fine stitching.

A clients’ ideology is massaged through a creative thought process to create organic functional timeless spaces. It is the collaboration and consultation between client and designer that is key. Collaboration, creativity + communication = tailored design = MADE / BY MAD.


  • Spatial Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Service Consultant Coordination
  • Design Development
  • Construction Drawings



Melinda A. De Cianni
Interior Designer

With 10 years of experience in a leading global commercial firm, Melinda has created spaces for university student interaction, large scale office environments, high rise base building interiors, financial institutions, medical research centres as well as city apartment complexes. Project sizes have ranged from 300sqm to 8000sqm.

Melinda’s experience involves conceptual design, spatial planning, service consultant coordination, design development, cost management and delivery of construction drawings. Her passion and experience are evident at the start of the conceptual phase of a project through to construction. Melinda’s expertise is extended as a tutor to the University of South Australia’s Design Studio.


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Interior Designer Adelaide

Melinda A. De Cianni

Interior Designer

Suite 4 / 2 Test Terrace
Adelaide 5000, Australia
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